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Twitter Vending Machine


Twitter Vending Machine
Set up and customize a professional Twitter account. Create an account that will appeal to target prospects in your niche and get them following you. First impressions do count.
Tweet Start a non-stop machine that tirelessly hunts down and invites targeted prospects in your niche to follow you. Build your following with more than 2000 willing (they opt to follow you) followers each and every month. Imagine all the prospects you will have to market to in just a few months.
Tweet Set up a dashboard in your browser that puts control of all your Twitter accounts at your fingertips. Like a vending machine, you will load this up once a week and schedule it to auto-tweet for you. 15-20 minutes a week and your work is done – the rest is on autopilot.
Tweet Get the kind of news and information your niche is hungry for. Here are three great sources and how to set them up in just a few minutes. Tweet the kind of info that will have your followers listening to you - become an authority for your followers (very important for when you start promoting to them).
Tweet Promote products, services, opt-in pages, and many other things that make you money. Here is how to promote in such a way that you keep your Twitter followers listening to you – and buying from you. And, here is how to hit the Twitter sweet spot. [english]


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