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ArtfulBits Blog


Hersteller ArtfulBits
Programm-Info https://www.artfulbits.com/sharepoint/Products/blog
Info-Email support@artfulbits.com

Alle Programme des Herstellers:

Link to Document Column for SharePoint allows referencing files and folders
Quick and simple way of uploading pictures.
Enables users to be notified that their passwords are about to expire.
Die Komponente "Discussion Column"
Column Permissions erm?glicht Zugriffsteuerung zur Datenliste in den Spalten.
Cross-Site Lookup Column lookups data from any site within site collection.
Allows users to change their passwords from within the SharePoint environment.
ArtfulBits Blog enhances capabilities of the standard SharePoint Blog site.
A complete collection of potent and easy-to-use ArtfulBits columns.
Displays weather forecast for virtually any city around the globe
Bundle of 3 products in one pack
SharePoint Calendar with "AJAX-like" functionality



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