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Whether for home or for work, Link Survey is a fully-loaded link popularity tool that is a must for any Webmaster. Just enter in the Website(s) for which you want to check the link popularity, and hit the start button. Immediately, Link Survey sends a query out to many popular search engines and displays the results in a table format. From there, you can use the built-in, multi-tabbed Web browser to check out the Web sites that have linked to the site in question. This is a great way to meet new Web friends, or, if you run a business, a great way to see who's linking to your competitors' sites. Link Survey will also let you export your results to a text, HTML, or Excel file for easier review.

Your business will benefit in many ways from using Link Survey:

Get detailed link popularity report on all inbound links of any website
Know link strategy of your competitors thoroughly
Compare inbound links of your website with your competitors
Locate potential High-quality link partners of your website
Boost link popularity and search engine rankings of your website


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